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It starts with PRIDE….


The citizens of Mansfield often speak of wanting to see a change, to see new businesses come into our town and open their doors. The outlying communities all contribute, and feel the effects of a thriving, or declining town. Growth cannot be successful where there is no pride, or ownership in its surroundings.
Why would a business or company want to call Mansfield home if we are only looking at them to help the economy, and create jobs, when in fact we’re overlooking the elements to attract homeowners, businesses, and growth in general.
The lack of pride is only the start, the beginning of decline. When people stop caring about their roots, they no longer water the garden. Ironically that’s the case here, and it screams to not only the citizens, but the visitors whose opinions carry outside the city limits.
The photo below shows a sidewalk in Mansfield, which is visible to anyone, and everyone. Would you want to open a business where the streets look like this?
The image represents a small part of the bigger picture. If we can’t combat a sidewalk lined with trash, weeds, and grass, how can we definitively debate with a potential homeowner, or business that’s looking at our town to call home.
it starts with pride, some weedkiller,  and a change of focus. That begins at the top, but we can all do our individual part to water the garden, and promote growth.
Think about this….WHAT IF, the streets were cleaned, buildings were painted, and business windows were lined with GO BIG RED, or GO TIGERS on game days, and the parking spots on Main Street were filled on an daily basis? Fact is, that is a possibility.
Even though change has to start at the top with city leaders, it needs to trickle all the way down to the citizens, through involvement and volunteerism. Before we the town can “SHINE”, we need to clean up our act, and look towards the future for our kids sake, and for the future of Mansfield.
EDITORIAL – This feature is dedicated to the opinions, and perspectives of those who want a change for the better in not only growth for our area, but a change of focus, followed by action. It is intended to provoke thoughts that make our area more appealing to the opportunities from outside, and within the city limits.
Feel free to comment. Your opinion is appreciated.

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