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Jr Bulldogs Achieve Successful Buffalo Hunt


On Thursday, September 19, the Waldron Jr High Bulldogs strolled onto the field to take on the Trinity Buffaloes. After spending the entire evening cooking up buffalo burgers, the Bulldogs walked away with a full-bellied score of 44-12.

Trenton Hunt was amped up right out of the gate as he quickly illuminated the field with two Bulldog touchdowns putting Waldron on top with a score of 14-6. Hunt would later go on to deliver an MC Hammer “U Can’t Touch This” 70-yard run for a touchdown. The Bulldog defense was full of steadfast stamina as Payton Lipham and Trevor Hunt combined for two Trinity interceptions and Lane Brown forced a Buffalo fumble.

Also adding to Waldron’s victorious score was Quarterback, Matthew Brigance, with six completed passes totaling 87 yards and two touchdowns and Joseph Rogers with six carries for 68 yards and one touchdown. Head Coach, Garett Lazenby, had this to say about his Bulldogs. “I’m very proud of how my athletes are playing and how my coaches are preparing the kids every week. Everyone has bought in to what we are doing and giving everything they’ve got on every snap.”

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