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Jr Bulldogs Fill Up On Buffalo Burgers


In Thursday nights contest against the Waldron Jr Bulldogs and the Trinity Jr Buffaloes, the Jr Bulldogs eluded the Buffaloes stampede by logging a final score of 40-6 in their tally book bringing them to 3-2 on the season. Waldron created double trouble with Trinity as the 7th-grade Bulldogs secured a 14-8 win earlier in the evening. As always, the night started off with the Jr Bulldogs playing opossum with the Buffaloes before unleashing their secret weapon in running back, Chris Lopez.

#3 Chris Lopez

Lopez set the Bulldogs up nicely with an explosive 65-yard run that even a Peregrine Falcone would be proud of. In the next breath, thanks to an opening created by the O-line that was big enough to fit the state of Texas through, Lopez took the ball in from 22-yards out to deliver the first TD of the night. With the 2-point no good, the Bulldogs led 6-0. After Michael Grano, Joe Slater, Gage Cox, and Hunter Copeland made better defensive stops than sandbags in a flood, Trinity’s offense was shut down giving the Bulldogs possession of the ball.

With the 1st quarter almost over, the Bulldogs decided to uncover another hidden running back gem that they had been hiding in Kason Davis. Davis took a handoff from QB Brayden Mays and was gone with the wind for an 82-yard TD. Joseph Rogers added the two-point conversion and the quarter ended 14-0 Waldron. The entire first half of the game, Bulldog QB, Mays, was tossing handoffs to his receivers better than Santa tossing candy in a Christmas parade. Keeping the score lights rolling, Mays made a handoff to Rogers who yet again earned a Waldron TD with his 21-yard outside run to paydirt. Lopez landed the two-point conversion and the Bulldogs ruled the roost 22-0.

#23 Joseph Rogers

As Trinity was thinking they might finally be able to get in the game, dream crusher Lopez picked off a Buffalo pass giving the Bulldogs control of the field. With another Mays to Davis handoff, Kason took the Buffaloes to the barn with his 23-yard run for a TD. After a no-go conversion, the game went into halftime with Waldron owning the board 28-0. Finishing a water break and a pep talk, both teams were ready to get back to business. But unfortunately for Trinity, the business was better in the Bulldogs corner.

#18 Brayden Mays

With Waldrons O-line having zero time to rest, Nathan Canada, Jon Garzon, Damion Dickens, and Aden Allen were just a few of the Bulldogs stoppin’ and blockin’ every defensive Buffalo that came their way. Cashing in on these offensive stops was Cole Bailey who took a handoff from QB, Noah Patrick to slam the ball in from the 3-yard line. With no extra points to add, the score stood at 34-0 Waldron. Trinity finally caught a break though as they snagged a TD in the 4th quarter. But never ones to back down from the go big or go home motto, the Bulldogs delivered one final blow to the Buffaloes. On a Trinity kickoff, Ambrose Poor scooped up the ball at the 13-yard line to run it back almost the entirety of the field for a TD breaking Buffalo wings along the way. The game ended with the Bulldogs putting the Buffaloes back in the barn with a final score of 40-6. On October 8, the Jr Bulldogs will be back in action to take on the Warriors at Lamar.

#33 Seth Blankenship

Thank you Sandy Tull for your always EPIC pictures!

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