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Jr Bulldogs Played Like Winners And Never Stopped Proving It


There is no limit to what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit and that’s just the thought process that the Waldron Jr High Bulldogs play with. The 2019-2020 basketball season has come to an end for the Jr Bulldogs but the greatness that these boys are about to unleash in the next few years of Sr High ball is just beginning. Making it to the championship round of the Jr High District Tournament, the #2 seeded Bulldogs went toe-to-toe against the #5 seeded Elkins Elks.

#12 Payton Lipham

The entire game was filled with some exciting moments but it was the fourth quarter that really took the cake. The Elks were behind 28-14 at the end of the third quarter but in the last few minutes of the game, Elkins kicked their gameplay into action. With under two minutes left, the score stood at 32-27 Waldron. Fans were holding their breath with anticipation, coaches were nervously chewing their nails, and players were staring each other down with fierce determination. And then it happened.

#5 Petey Justice

After each team put up a few more points, the score sat at 34-31 with 14 seconds left in the game and the Bulldogs having possession of the ball. It was at this moment that the Bulldog Nation knew their boys had done it. The final buzzer sounded, and the Jr Bulldogs were crowned the Jr District Champions. Trenton Hunt was the double-double king of the Bulldog mountain with 23 points, six rebounds, and ten steals. Lidge Stinson netted 11 points. Petey Justice grabbed five rebounds. Payton Lipham picked up two steals and two rebounds. Trevor Hunt obtained four steals, two assists, and two rebounds, and Kason Davis earned two rebounds. The Waldron Jr Bulldogs finish their season 24-4 in total season play and 11-2 in conference.

#1 Lidge Stinson

“This year’s goal from the beginning was a championship,” said Coach Josh Atchley. “We returned a lot of experience from last year and these guys really put the time in all off-season to be able to get it done on Saturday. We had lots of guys who stepped up at different times throughout the year. I believe we had five different starting line-ups and several times had guys step up off the bench in big moments. You are only as good as your guards and we have some good ones. Lidge Stinson was the one guard all year and put us in great spots for success while finishing the year averaging 12.4 points per game along with leading the team in assists to turnover ratios.”

#23 Trenton Hunt

“Trenton Hunt is a tough two guard who was our leading scorer for the year at 15.6 points per game and leading rebounder at 5.1 and steals at 4.6. Lots of other guys played key roles for us like Trevor Hunt, Petey Justice, and Peyton Lipham all having to guard the rim as a unit with none of them being taller than 5’7. Kason Davis, Chris Lopez, Ethan Mayberry, Jacob Daggs, Jose Cardenas, and Forest Efurd had big moments for us throughout the year. I can just not express how proud I am of these guys and their drive to win a championship! They will forever be special to me!”

Courtesy of Kristen Atchley
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