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Jr Bulldogs Win 42-Whoa Against Bearcats


After falling victim to Ozark in last week’s game, the Waldron Jr High Bulldogs decided enough was enough. They paid no mind to the fact that they were not only facing conference foes Mena but they were doing it on the Bearcats home field. On Thursday, September 24, the Bulldogs boarded the bus with one goal and that was to rain on any victory parade the Bearcats had in mind. Waldron started the competition with a 1-2 total play record and 0-1 in conference play. But after complete annihilation of the Bearcats with a final score of 42-0, the Jr Bulldogs left the match 2-2 on the year and 1-1 in conference.

The game started innocently enough with Waldron and Mena testing each other’s waters. But the Bulldogs didn’t come to waste time on any cat and mouse games. Waldron struck first by lighting the Bearcats field on fire when QB Brayden Mays gave Chris Lopez the hand-off who then ran faster than Forest Gump in a marathon, putting the Bulldogs on the board with the nights first TD. After a successful two-point conversion by Kason Davis, the score sat 8-0. With both teams playing ping pong with their offenses and defenses, the match went into halftime 8-0 Waldron.

The second half of the contest could best be described as the Bulldog Blitz. For the remaining two quarters, Waldron did nothing but wipe the field with any player wearing red. In the third quarter, the Mena Bearcats were left listening to the melodic tunes of MC Hammer as Logan Young did the Hammer dance into the endzone while singing “You can’t touch this” to Mena for the Bulldogs second touchdown. With the two-point no good, Waldron upgraded the score to 14-0. After many failed attempts by the Bearcats offense to get on the board, thanks to the Bulldogs defensive bulldozers, Waldron took possession back of the ball.

Preparing for a pass play, QB Brayden Mays spotted receiver, Damien Dickens like a bloodhound spots an escapee and connects with him allowing another TD for the Bulldogs, ending the third quarter 26-0. As the end of the game nears, Waldron determined they aren’t done quite yet. Mays’s eagle eye led him to connect with Joseph Rogers for another wild-n-out touchdown, lighting up the score to read 34-0. As the Mena offense is thinking they might be able to finally put points up, an “oopsie” Bearcat fumble led Rogers to do a scoop-n-score adding one final TD to their tally. Mays rollercoasters the ball in for the two and the Bulldog fans erupt in cheers over the 42-0 final score.

“Our kids did a great job this week of improving from last week by finishing four quarters. If we can continue to build we can put ourselves in a good position to play well against Trinity,” explained Coach Garett Lazenby. The Waldron Jr Bulldogs will start the month of October facing off with the Trinity Buffaloes on the 1st at home.

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