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Jr Hornets End Season As The Buzz Of The Town


The Hackett Jr High Hornet boys’ team has plenty of reasons to celebrate. They put in hard work and long hours in the gym. They pushed through any problems they were faced with and they did it as a team. They picked off their opponents one by one, all the while never doubting who they were and what they could accomplish. And they finished second in 2A-4 District.

At the end of their 2018-2019 basketball season, the Hornets stood at the top in the #2 seed position and finished with a 5-1 conference play record. Closing out their year with the 2A-4 Jr District Tournament, Hackett faced #3 Danville and #1 Lavaca. The Hornets beat the Little Johns 38-33 in their first round of the competition. Making it to the finals, Hackett fell short 40-34 to the Golden Arrows, earning Runner-up in the District Championship.

Head Coach, Broc Adams, says of his Jr boys, “I couldn’t be any prouder of this team. We took kids from rival schools and they bought into what we were trying to do. They worked hard, came together and fought through a bunch of adversity! They earned everything they got this year and it was an absolute privilege to get to coach them this year.”

“We are going to hammer fundamentals during the offseason and really fine tune some things that I saw throughout the year. Hopefully, those little things will help us get over the hump next year.”

Photos courtesy of Amanda Hall

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