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Jr Lady Bulldogs Play Heroic In OT Loss To Horatio


Pictured is Lauren Shores

Although it’s been a bumpy ride for the Waldron Jr Lady Bulldogs, the girls are determined not to let any of those bumps ruin their season. The Jr Lady Bulldogs were 3-1 before having to endure the Covid curse. They had to say goodbye to six games but have since been slowly but surely getting their feet back under them. The Jr Lady Bulldogs have a tenacious will power that has kept them hungry in the fight since being back on the court on December 14th.

The Jr Lady Bulldogs have taken losses in their last four games but they are consistently closing the final score gap proving that they might be down but they are not out. The girls took a score of 23-24 against Mulberry, 9-23 against Danville, 16-22 against Lavaca, and most recently 26-29 in overtime against the Horatio Jr Lady Lions. “We took a hit from the 14-day quarantine but these girls continue to work hard and never quit! They are super awesome kids and win or lose, they make me proud,” expressed head coach, Tracie Adams.

All season, freshmen duo, Katie Stringer and Reagan Adams have been automatic offensive shotgun shooters blasting each net they come across. Stringer, who earned 8 points in the Horatio match, has stepped up this year and taken charge on and off the court. Her style of play is advanced beyond her years and this season it’s really been shining through. Adams, who netted 6 points, laid in waiting in the shadows last year but this season, she has been zealously letting the competition know she is there.

Defensively, freshmen, Daileigh Hunt, Alicia Sher, and Kaylee Redmon have been unyielding obstacles for their opponents. They stay persistent in persuading the ball often times leaving the other team exhausted in trying to offensively keep control of the hardwood. The Jr Lady Bulldogs are not afraid of a little hard work and unfortunately for their opponents, Waldron is about to take back control of their schedule. The Jr Lady Bulldogs will kick open the doors of 2021 when they next take on Cossatot on January 5th.

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