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Jr Lady Hornets Prove Their Sting Is Worse Than Their Buzz


As the Hackett Jr High Lady Hornets continue to maneuver nicely through their new 3A conference, not only are they unfazed by any opponent they face but the Jr Lady Hornets are also proving that they are worthy to compete against any contender in any town, in any conference. To start this past week off, Hackett took their game to Alma to face the “Big Dogs” in the 5A. For most people, Mondays are a blah day where you just don’t want to do much. But for the Jr Lady Hornets, it is just another day for volleyball dominance.

#23 Makenzie Freeman and #20 Alona Rothwell

One other thing that Hackett doesn’t need in their unbreakable ride to the top, is time. In just two short sets, the Jr Lady Hornets were able to take control of the Lady Airedales leash and chain them back up to the doghouse. Hackett finished 25-17 and 25-9. “Digging” their way around the world was Alona Rothwell with 3, Makenzie Freeman with 2, and with one each was Prairie Vaughn and Michaelyn Freeman. “Assisting” in this victory was Jessie Mendenhall with 6, Vaughn with 5, and Rothwell and Aubree Ruggles with one apiece. Giving better “blocking” protection than sunblock was Ruggles and Rothwell with 2 each. Playing as the true definition of “Killing” It was Freeman and Freeman with 4 each, Vaughn with 3, Rothwell with 2, and with one solo each was Ruggles, Lexi Gann and Aaliyah Escoffier. And rounding out these Jr Lady Hornets volleyball “aces” was Vaughn with 3, Makenzie with 2, and Michaelyn and Rothwell bringing in 1.

#8 Michaelyn Freeman

With their first victory of the week in the bag, the Jr Lady Hornets kept their roadshow moving right along as they set up camp in Lincoln. When it came to Hackett’s match against the Lady Wolves in terms of difficulty, it could best be described as an appetizer. Although it’s a nice little treat to settle your hunger, you’re still left craving more. The Jr Lady Hornets made the two sets with Lincoln quick and painless like ripping off a bandaid when they won 25-7 and 25-9. Ending the night “acing” the court was Vaughn with 5, Rothwell with 4, Michaelyn with 3, Ruggles with 2, and Mendenhall and Makenzie with 1 each.

#18 Jessie Mendenhall

“Killing” it softly with their plays was Rothwell and Makenzie with 6 apiece, Vaughn with 5, Gann with 3, Freeman with 2, and Ruggles with 1. With more “digs” than a South Dakota prairie dog was Freeman with 5, and Rothwell and Makenzie with one each. Netting the Jr Lady Hornets with impeccable “assistance” was Vaughn with 12 and Mendenhall with 7. And coming in as the lone “block” barrier was Rothwell with 1. The Jr Lady Hornets will start next week’s play with a 4-0 record as they take on the Lady Bulldogs at Waldron on September 8th at 4 pm. Then on Thursday, September 10th, Hackett will host the Paris Lady Eagles at 4 pm.

#22 Lexi Gann

Photos courtesy of Mandy Foster

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