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Jr Lady Tigers Deflect Arrows Best Shot


The Mansfield Jr Lady Tigers rolled into Lavaca territory on Thursday, January 9th on fire. But as with every hero, there has to be a weakness to these Lady Tiger All-Stars right? Well, Lavaca aimed for Mansfield’s Achilles Heel with their Golden Arrows, but their aim wasn’t true to course as the Jr Lady Tigers dropped Lavaca 36-15.

The game started off as a nail bitter as both squads traded defensive blows early in the game. The Lady Tigers knew they had their hands full when the first quarter ended with a minimal 7-5 lead over Lavaca. Mansfield heated things up as they put 13 more points on the board in the second quarter sending the game into halftime 20-7 Mansfield.

Lita Hecox

When the fourth quarter came around, Coach Joshua Bryan sent in his JV crew who earned some A Game playing time with their great performance in their earlier JV Game. The JVs didn’t only hold their own, but they completely owned the Golden Arrows. Brooklyn Adams took a Pro-Wrestling power slam to the floor which must have somehow put her in a trance as she couldn’t miss a shot after that. Lita and Raine Hecox proved to be the queens of steals with smooth takeaways while Seven Sanderson and Serenity Brunson bulldogged the backboard with rebounds.

Skylynn Harris

Alyson Edwards ended the game with a double-double of 13 points and 16 rebounds bringing the second-most rebounds during a game in school history. Skylynn Harris netted nine points and two steals. Brooklyn Adams made six points and three rebounds. Natalie Allison scored four points. Harlie Fuller brought in two points, three rebounds, and three steals. Seven Sanderson grabbed two points. Serenity Brunson snagged three rebounds. Raine Hecox obtained one steal and two assists. Eden Mounts made one steal. And Lita Hecox got one assist.

Natalie Allison

Every Mansfield player that touched the floor was golden. From the five first-string players to the benches, the Jr Lady Tigers showed everyone that they are not just a couple of talented individuals. They are a tightly knitted and super talented team from top to bottom. The Jr Tigers will next face the Greenland Lady Pirates away on Friday, January 10 at 4 p.m.

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