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Jr Lady Tigers Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Refs


Pictured is Harlie Fuller

The Mansfield Jr Lady Tigers took to their home court Monday night against the Mulberry Yellowjackets. The Jungle was electric as the undefeated Lady Tigers and the Yellowjackets tore onto the court only to find out that the refs were running a little behind. No problem though. After some backup refs were found, it was game on! Mansfield took to the match and bulldozed their way into the heart of the Yellowjackets nest walking away with a 42-6 victory and remaining undefeated. The Tigers played so well, that all members of the team were able to get on the court and showed just how deep the talent really is on the Lady Tigers roster.

Shelbie Fuller

The Jr Lady Tigers’ very own game-day swift handed bandit, Kynslee Ward, was at her norm as she spent the game stealin’ and reelin’ with the basketball earning 15 points. Mulberry made it a point to keep Alyson Edwards at bay for most of the game but made the most out of every time she got the ball. Anytime the ball touched her hand’s points were sure to hit the scoreboard as she netted 9. Raine Hecox, who grabbed 2 points, was a pass and assist queen against the Yellowjackets as she read Mulberry’s defense with ease to shift the ball to open teammates.

Cole Smith

Throwing up 6 points was Kaylee Ward who as the tallest member of the team is able to use her height to an advantage snaggin’ and draggin’ every ball that graces the basket. Dropping three’s like it was nothing was sisters Harlie and Shelbie Fuller who landed 6 points combined. And with 2 points apiece was Cole Smith and Ellie Welch who each brings an energy to the court that opponents quickly take notice of.

Trinity Triska

The Jr Lady Tigers’ dominant performances this season have not only put all 2A teams on notice, but also every opponent on their schedule as well. The undefeated 5-0 Jr Lady Tigers will next face conference foes the Lavaca Jr Lady Golden Arrows on Thursday, December 17.  

Azlynn Stover
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