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Jr Tigers Edged Out By Cedarville’s Sword


If you missed the match-up between the Mansfield Jr High Tigers and the Cedarville Pirates on Monday night, you sure missed a good one. If the game were to be summed up into one idea, it reminded me of the old Batman television show with its Booms!, Zaps!, and Pows! The first quarter ended with Cedarville up 10-8 on the Tigers. By halftime, the scoreboard read 24-15 Pirates. The Tigers might have been down they sure weren’t out yet.

Drew Elmore

Mansfield came back out after the half with a bigger fire in their stomachs than they started with. The Tigers did everything in their power to claw their way out of the Pirates clutches but by the final buzzer, it was Cedarville that took the win 44-37. Mansfield finished the night with nine steals and 16 rebounds. Tyler Turnipseed ended the game in double-digits with 12 points while Clint Stovall trailed with nine.

Braxton Byers

Drew Elmore put up six points, Austin Quinalty netted five, Braxton Byers laid claim to three, and Darton Hoopengarner put two points under his belt. With a few areas left to work on like defense on the perimeter and running shooters off the line, the Tigers are a sure bet at becoming an unstoppable force. The Jr High Tigers will play in a make-up game against Greenland on Wednesday, January 15th starting at 4 p.m.

Darton Hoopengarner

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