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Jr Tigers Give Yellowjackets Red Coats In Big Win


Pictured is Cameron Pettus

At the beginning of the week, the Mansfield Jr High Tigers played host to the Mulberry Yellowjackets in a battle so fierce that even Douglas MacArthur would be proud. After dealing with a string of close losses in their last few matches, the Jr Tigers had had enough. They were done playing “games” and after four intense quarters, the Yellowjackets were left feeling their wrath. Mansfield had six players help deliver points and when it was all said and done, the final score was 36-11 Tigers upgrading their season record to 2-3.

Peyton Martin

Peyton Martin spent the night playing the Yellowjackets like they were pawns on a chessboard. Martin would see a gap or weakness in Mulberry’s defense and exploit it with a solid assist or just go for the gold and put up the points himself which garnered him 15 points in the game. Dakota Langford played solid as an oak against Mulberry. His aggressive rebounding tactics and soft-touch shots stung the Yellowjackets on multiple occasions in the game earning him 8 points.

Tyler Turnipseed

Zach Hayslip was ruthless in his ability to outmaneuver the Yellowjackets better than Muhammed Ali in a boxing match. Hayslip was so quick on his feet that often times Mulberry was five seconds behind him in every play leading him to score 6 points. When Mansfield needed points on the board they would just plant a Turnip”seed” and the scores would start to grow. Tyler was on fire all night as he shifted and scooted up and down the court assisting his teammates anywhere needed while also picking up 2 points of his own.

Dakota Langford

Defensively, Travis Tobey shot up and down the hardwood better than the Human Cannonball in a Ringling Brothers circus, blocking any chance for the Yellowjackets to get anything going offensively. Tobey also netted 3 points of his own in the process. And with 2 points was Cameron Pettus who made quick work of terminating the Yellowjackets better than Billy the Exterminator by never letting up under the basket swatting down Mulberry’s net dreams.

Travis Tobey

The Mansfield Jr Tigers get court time again tonight, December 11, when they host the Acorn Tigers in a fight to the finish to determine who will come out as the top Tiger!

Brandon Segura blocking the shot
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