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Jr Tigers Keep On Rollin’

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By Megan Hecox

The Mansfield Tigers sure do love to keep their fans on the edge of their seats. The Jr High Tigers played the Lincoln Wolves in last nights basketball game. The Tigers boys team walked away victorious over the Wolves with a final score of 41-31. The Lady Tigers came in two points short of a win against the Lady Wolves 50-48.

The Lady Tigers came out firing on all cylinders to get their match going. Within the first quarter alone the score read 17-3. It was back and forth action the entire game with the Lady Tigers giving everything they had including their blood, sweat, and tears. The 4th quarter was where all the nail-biting took place. With 36 seconds left in the game, the Lady Tigers were tied with the Lady Wolves 48-48. Unfortunately, time was not on the Lady Tigers side when the Lady Wolves made two more points, securing the win. Leading the team with a whopping 23 points was Sadie Roberts. Alyson Edwards brought in 9 points while Skylynn Harris contributed 7 points. Also adding to the final score with a combined total of 9 points was Natalie Allison, Olivia Bouse, and Sarah Fisher.

The Jr High boys team played all night like they were walking on lava barefoot. Because of their quickness on the court, they were able to dominate offensively and defensively, giving them the edge to always stay one move ahead. It was 19-15 at halftime and when the Tigers came back from their break, they jumped back into the game and delivered another 22 points to the final score. Ethan Pettus lead the team with 14 points. Zayne Dugan made 10 points. Tyler Escalante brought in 9 points. And Clint Stovall and Steven Perez scored a combined total of 8 points.

The Jr High Tigers will prepare to take on the Bulldogs as Waldron comes to town on Thursday, December 13th at 4:30 pm.


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