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Jr Tigers Slip In Waldron Loss


Any game that the Waldron Bulldogs and the Mansfield Tigers get to face-off in is always sure to excite and Monday nights earth-shaking shootout was no different. The Jr High Tigers hosted the Jr High Bulldogs to a good ol fashioned in yo face Michael Jackson “Thriller” where fans were left wondering what would happen next. After the first quarter, Waldron was only up three points with the score reading 9-6. Mansfield held on all the way to the fourth quarter where the Bulldogs dexterity was just too much. The Tigers ended the game with a 50-34 loss.

Five-year-old, Bentley Kinsey, helped Resident Press photographer Adam Hecox take this picture of #5 Tyler Turnipseed. This was Bentley’s very first picture and we give it two basketball thumbs up.
Adam Hecox and Bentley Kinsey

Laying down offensive dominance in the game was Clint Stovall who was able to successfully get through the Bulldogs defensive wall and score 15 points also netting one rebound. The golden basketball of the night goes to freshman, Drew Elmore, who was hot on his game earning double-doubles with 12 points and 10 rebounds. Tyler Turnipseed was able to lay down the law bringing in three points and two rebounds.

Greyson Baggett

Eighth-grader, Peyton Martin helped his team by obtaining two points. Austin Quinalty charged in like a Hollywood bouncer shutting down the Bulldogs and walking away with two points, two rebounds, and three steals. And Darton Hoopengarner took control under the rim not allowing any player in black to steal his glory gaining him five rebounds and one steal for the books.

Sixth-grader, Alex Hecox, snapped this awesome shot of #32 Austin Quinalty

Up next, the Mansfield Tigers will travel to Elkins to take on the Elks on Friday, January 31 starting at 4 p.m.

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