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“Just Roll with It” Serving Up Recipes and Humor

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By Sheri Hopkins
Lifestyle Contributor

Hello everyone! As I write this it is snowing and it is so beautiful! Doesn’t God give us such beautiful artwork to look at? We are a blessed people.

I have laughed out loud thinking of something to write about this week. The things I’ve done and experienced crack me up sometimes. I was dumb or naive. Whichever you want to call it. This is the story that made me laugh thinking about it.

Once upon a time long ago I went out with a guy named Johnny. For the life of me, I cannot remember his last name. We were going on a date one Saturday night and he picks me up in his Buick a.k.a. land yacht with a white hardtop. I go to get in his car and he wants me to sit by him. Young folks did that back then. Couldn’t so much as get a piece of tissue paper between us. That’s a line from the Andy Griffith show.

It’s hot, summertime and the seat was tearing up and Johnny had silver duct tape on the seat. I get in and have to sit on the duct tape. I didn’t think too much about it at the time. I say “Where are we going?” He says the Skyvue Drive Inn.” Back then if you didn’t get a newspaper, you had no clue what was playing. We get to the Skyvue and it is horror movie night. Double feature, Night of the Living Dead and Walking Dead. Not some of your best horror movies, but who cares. We get all parked and Johnny says, “here is some money, go to the concession stand and get us some popcorn and cokes.” That sounds good, but remember the duct tape and summer in Arkansas.

I’m stuck to the seat. I finally get out with duct tape residue all over the back of my jeans. That made for a good laugh. I head to the concession stand, get our snacks and turn to go back to the big land yacht. Low and behold there were cars everywhere and I have no clue where we parked. I’m lost at the Skyvue Drive Inn. I mean wouldn’t someone kind of remember where they parked? Not me, I walked and walked and finally found the big old car. No cell phones back then. I couldn’t call and ask what row we were parked on. He says “What took you so long?” I got lost, yes, I forgot where we parked. It was so funny and the movies were boring but who cares, we had a good time.

Johnny wasn’t as bad as the guy Lisa Favela used to go out with. When they would go to the Skyvue he would get out of the car with his Windex bottle and paper towels and clean off the windshield. To a teenage girl, that was big-time embarrassing. Now that I am old, that was such a good idea. Fun times back in the old days.

Just a little advice, if your car seat has a rip, don’t use duct tape, especially in Arkansas summer heat.

This week’s recipe comes from my good friend, Donna Tafoya. It is a poke cake and it is easy and delicious. I promise you it is not low-calorie.

1 Devil’s Food cake mix
1 can Eagle Brand Milk
1 jar of caramel sauce (I use caramel syrup)
1 jar of chocolate sauce (I use chocolate syrup)
1 Cool Whip container
1 package of Heath Bits O Brickle (they come in a bag by the chocolate chips)
Bake the Devil’s Food cake according to box directions. When it is done, poke holes in the cake with a wooden spoon end. While the cake is still hot, pour the can of Eagle Brand Milk on the top then the caramel and chocolate syrup (I don’t measure, I just use what I want). Save a little to decorate the top. Put the cake in the fridge till cool. When cool, sprinkle the top with half of the Heath Bar pieces and top with Cool Whip. Then drizzle some caramel and chocolate syrup on top and sprinkle some more Heath Bar pieces on top. This cake needs to be kept in the refrigerator. It is wonderful. Have a blessed week, and don’t forget to count your blessings

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