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Kayaking Through the Winter


By Madison VanRavensway

The first official day of winter is December 21st. It’s a common belief that many outdoor activities cannot be done in such cold months. One of the main hobbies that could be forgotten until spring is kayaking. Hitting the water in freezing temperatures? No thank you. However, those who are die hard kayakers may still choose to attempt such feats.

1. Dress for submersion- even the most experienced kayakers can hit too rough rapids and end up in the water. In cold conditions a dry suit is imperative!

2. Check temperatures- the rule of thumb is air temp + water temp should be 120*, if not get that wet suit on!

3. Wet feet = cold feet, which means cold all of you! Neoprene booties allow your feet to stay warm and dry even if they get wet!

Kayaking in the winter can be a beautiful experience! But it’s important to prepare yourself for the cooler temperatures so a joyful experience doesn’t turn into a miserable one.

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