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Kitchen Hazards That Can Cause Injury


With so many things that can go wrong, there are many kitchen hazards that can cause injury without proper care or caution. These injuries can range anywhere from minor cuts that need a bandage to major burns that require a doctor’s care.

Fire Dangers

One of the most common sources of home fires is kitchen cooking equipment. This danger is due in large part to leaving the stovetop on and unattended. Stay near the kitchen at all times when fire is in use, even if it seems as though everything would be under control if you stepped away for a minute. You never know what can go wrong or what you overlooked before leaving.

Flammable Objects

Be cautious of anything that may catch on fire. Take care not to leave any objects that can catch fire too close to the flame. Even clothing can ignite if you do not properly roll up your sleeves when close to the flame.


On a similar topic to fire, be aware of any burning hazards while cooking. Always have a pair of reliable oven mitts around for handling heated pots. If you are straining water, keep it at a safe distance and wear your mitts; you never know if it will splash back and burn you. This sudden burn may lead you to drop the pot and splash boiling water everywhere.

Food Burns

Know the temperature of food when it is done and ready to be served. Something that looks ready to eat could be searing hot to the touch without any obvious signs. Putting these foods in your mouth without realizing the temperature can lead to severe burns in the mouth that will need medical treatment.

Hazardous Fumes

When cooking on the stove, there are several sources of potentially poisonous fumes you could inhale. One hazardous gas is nitrogen dioxide, a chemical that can be released from gas stovetops. If inhaled, it has been known to inflame the lining of the lungs, which will cause respiratory problems.

Proper Ventilation

Having a reliable ventilation system above your stovetop will combat these harmful fumes. Make sure they are sucked away from your kitchen before they have a chance to invade your body and cause severe harm.

Proactive Problem Solving

Go into a cooking session aware of what you are using and the potential kitchen hazards that can cause injury as a result. Neglecting even one aspect—whether it be food temperature, fumes, fire, or any other situational specific danger—has the potential to end in disaster.

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