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Lady Bulldogs Ready To Rumble With Ramblers

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The Waldron Lady Bulldogs started their softball season with many goals set in place. After each of those goals was met, new ones were put in there place. Now here the Lady Bulldogs sit getting ready to play their first round in Regionals and the girls are speechless. They started with the goal of just wanting to end conference play better than last season. The girls went from a 5-5 record last year to 8-2 this year. Once they succeeded with that goal, the Lady Bulldogs wanted to see how far they could push themselves in the District Tournament.

Making it to the end to battle Charleston for the third place title, Waldron fell short 1-0 to the Lady Tigers. But it was still enough to secure a bid to Regionals as the fourth seed. With their District goal accomplished, the Lady Bulldogs are now determined to win the first round in Regionals. The girls know that the odds are stacked against them. The Lady Bulldogs will be facing the #1 Rosebud Lady Ramblers. The Rosebuds are sitting at 28-1 in total season play and undefeated 12-0 in conference play.

Waldron eighth grader, Hazel Buesing conducted the interview with softball coach, Bailey Moore. This is what Coach Moore had to say, “The girls are excited and nervous about going up against Rosebud. If they can keep their nerves in check and remember what they are there to do, then we have a chance to make a statement. The girls were plagued with confidence issues during the season but with true grit, they were able to see their worth and that they CAN bring in the wins and take it all the way to the top.”

The Lady Bulldogs will play in Fayetteville at Gary Hampton Park on May 2 at 10 a.m.

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