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Lady Hornets Champion Sluggers


These Hackett Lady Hornets are the stylin’, profilin’, bat-wielding, ball hittin’, wheelin’, dealin’, diamond stealin’ softball elite. They have spent the entire ball season ruling the field so it should come as no surprise that the Lady Hornets ruled District. Facing Lavaca in the championship round, Hackett shot down the Lady Golden Arrows 15-5, taking the queen bee title of Champions.

Autum Neal led her team with three runs, three hits, three runners batted in, and three steals. Audrie Chaney was half of the Hackett pitching duo that saw the mound. She threw 47 pitches to 15 batters striking out 3. Chaney also earned one run and two putouts. The other half was Kayla Richardson who flung 56 pitches to 12 batters striking out 4. Kayla also obtained one hit, one RBI, one steal, and two putouts.

Madeline Freeman netted one run, one hit, three RBI, and three assists. Jamye Durham scored two runs, one RBI, one assist, and four putouts. Madi Taylor secured two runs, one hit, and one PO. Sarah White grabbed three runs, two hits, and seven PO’s. Emma Infalt made one run, one RBI, one steal, and one PO. And Shayla Foster snagged two runs, three hits, three RBI, one steal, one PO, and two assists.

With Districts, the Lady Hornets stand at 21-5 in total season play. As it stands, Hackett will play in Regionals on Thursday, May 2 at 10 a.m. The Lady Hornets will take on the Decatur Lady Bulldogs at the Harrison Parks and Recreation.

Pictures by Tanya White

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