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Lady Hornets Double-Dip Acorn Tigers


In true Hackett fashion, the Lady Hornets don’t show up to lose. And since there can be only one winner, the girls have no problem securing their place at the top. Facing off with Acorn in last nights Double-Header softball game, the Lady Hornets took the reigns and controlled both games victoriously. Winning 18-5 in the first game and 2-1 in the second game, Hackett now finds themselves 9-2 in total season play.

#15 Madi Taylor

Pitching for the Lady Hornets in last nights adventure was Kayla Richardson and Audrie Chaney. In round one Kayla threw out 82 pitches to 24 batters while incredibly striking out 10. Audrie dominated in round two throwing out 65 pitches to 19 batters while sending seven Lady Tigers back to their cage.

#2 Audrie Chaney

Conquering 11 runs in the first inning of the first game, the Lady Hornets weren’t leaving much wiggle room for the Lady Tigers to score big. By the fourth inning, Hackett had their 18 runs, closing out the game with five innings. Confident that they had made their point to Acorn about who was running the show, the Lady Hornets were ready for round two.

#24 Shayla Foster

Slowing their pace, neither team put runs on the board until the fourth inning with Hackett laying down one. Both teams added one run in the fifth inning and the game was called. Rachel Widmer and Madeline Freeman made one run each. And crushing with a combined total of four hits were Madeline, Sarah White, and Shayla Foster.

#25 Kennedy Wright

It’s safe to say that the Lady Hornets are more than ready for their first conference game of the season against the Hector Lady Wildcats. The game will be played on Thursday, March 28 at 4:30 p.m. on Hornet territory.

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