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Lady Tigers Have Much To Celebrate

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It was a bitter-sweet evening for Coach Elmore and the Mansfield Lady Tigers. Not only was last night the last time that the four Lady Tiger seniors would play a home game for high school softball again but it was also the last home game for Coach Kent Elmore who in the next school year, will be the new basketball coach for the Hackett School District.

The seniors who will be moving on to bigger and better things are Kylie Eveld, Caroline Nicodemus, Rylea Weaver, and Shyann McDowell. The girls got to go out with a bang though as they slaughtered the Greenland Lady Pirates 12-2. Mansfield now sits at 10-13 in total season play and 4-6 in conference play.

Coach Kent Elmore had these words to share “To my players both past and present, you have changed my life for the best and have helped me grow into a better man and coach. Last night was senior night, and I will miss each of my seniors so much. They stuck out a lot of challenges and barriers. They never gave up and that will carry on with them into adulthood.”

“The memories of hard work to get fields ready by our staff (Ronnie black), my assistant, and myself will be memories I will cherish forever. I am leaving behind a beautiful playing field and also a team that has so much potential in future seasons. As I got the field prepared last night for senior night, so many memories came pouring through my mind. Ups, downs, and crazy moments we all shared together. For the players coming back next year; I can’t wait to watch you guys succeed. I will be keeping up with your seasons very closely each and every year. I love all of you guys!”

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