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Lady Tigers Leave Lavaca Pitched In No-Hitter


It was double-trouble for the Lavaca Lady Golden Arrows this past Thursday night as they had to face off with the Mansfield Lady Tigers not once but twice in a single evening. In their first head-to-head, the Lady Tigers held Lavaca scoreless 15-0 in just three short innings. Pitcher, Alyson Edwards hurled 42 pitches to 11 batters striking out 4. Running faster than ice cream down your hand during summertime was Natalie Allison, Chloe Creekmore, Kiara Thomas, Cole Smith, Alyson Edwards, and Brooklyn Adams with 2 a piece, and Harlie Fuller, Hailey Walker, and Serenity Brunson with 1 each. Fielding at .929 percent, the Lady Tigers earned 9 putouts. Allison and Creekmore had 4 each while Edwards snagged 1.

Catcher, Brooklyn Adams

With no rest for the weary, Lavaca and Mansfield hit the field for their second battle and again, Lady Tigers pitcher Alyson Edwards kept the Lady Golden Arrows unsuccessful in their attempt to put any runs on the board and ended the night with another 15-0 victory. Facing only four innings in this match-up, Skylynn Harris was first on the board scoring on a Lavaca wild pitch in the bottom of the second. Next, Adams doubled on a ground ball to third allowing Allison and Smith to charge home while Fuller scored on a throw and Alexis Chestine closed out the runs setting the score at 5-0 Mansfield. For the bottom of the third, Fuller singled on a ground ball to shortstop letting Creekmore to rocket home. Allison scored on a passed ball and Walker and Fuller brought home the bacon again after Adams hit a ground ball and reached an error by the first baseman.

Third Baseman, Chloe Creekmore

To close out the game, the Lady Tigers delivered a six-run showstopper in the bottom of the fourth. Smith singled on a ground ball to left field that sent Allison and Fuller home. Edwards hit a pop fly and reached an error by the second baseman that allowed Smith to score again. Adams scored on a wild pitch. And to end the match, Creekmore doubled on a fly ball to left field that catapulted Thomas and Edwards home. The Lady Tigers now hold a 6-2 record along with 88 total runs led by Adams and Thomas who tied with 12 each, and 1 home run by Alyson Edwards. Edwards has also made 561 pitches to 154 batters and 390 total strikes. On Monday, April 12, the Mansfield Lady Tigers will host the Mountainburg Lady Dragons. In their first conference game, the Lady Tigers walked away with a final score of 17-0.

Natalie Allison

Photos courtesy of Crystal Thomas

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