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Lady Tigers Quiver Lavaca Golden Arrows

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Mansfield versus Lavaca. The End……basically everyone knows that when these two programs go at it on the court that they better get to the stadium. On Friday, December 17, with the stands so packed the humidity level rose 5%, the Lady Tigers tipped off the night and finally, the game was on.  

After the tip-off, both teams traded turnovers as both tried to get a feel for each other. The Lady Tigers not only fought a very physical game against the Lady Arrows but also showed their passion for the game when each play got harder and harder. With temperatures rising and players getting heated, the Lavaca Arrows scored the first free throw point of the first quarter. With “when and doubt shoot” on Alyson Edwards mind, the powerful #12 was the first to show her true intentions on the Tiger scoreboard. Defense is usually the downfall of most teams but was most definitely not the Lady Tigers as they fought hard with the Arrows only scoring points via free throws. The Lady Tigers controlled the scoreboard as they slowly took charge of the Arrows leaving the first quarter 16-15. 

Even with arrows lodged in their backs, the Lady Tigers still managed to throw the Lavaca Golden Arrows off their target as the second quarter ensued. Although the Lady Tigers had the lead, the fouls started building up for Mansfield after each possession. The best way to deter heavy aggression is to challenge it with power. Since power is what the Lady Tigers needed, power is what they got as Seven Sanderson stepped on the court. Sanderson blocked shots, drew fouls, rebounded, and was a pure backboard beast. With great power comes great responsibility and Sandersons responsibility was to build to get her team on their feet and boy did she ever do that. The Tigers were so hyped Natalie Allison showed her excitement with a B-I-G block from behind. Although the Lady Tigers were on fire when the halftime buzzer sounded, the Lady Tigers walked into the locker room with a 31-27 lead.

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To start the third quarter off the Lady Tigers come out on fire with an explosive 3 pointer by Senior Sadie Roberts. With a five-point lead, the Lady Tigers were running fast and playing hard causing Lavaca to turnover the ball not once, not twice, but multiple times. Mansfield might have gotten a little carried away with creating turnovers as they began to make a few of their own. Skylyn Harris and Sadie Roberts quickly make up for it and put the steals back into Mansfield’s identity by creating turnovers against Lavaca again. Lavaca kept Mansfield All-Star Alyson Edwards shut down for most of the night but they didn’t keep her down for good. Edwards was left open and sank a “nothing but net” shot proving she could no longer be contained. Natalie Allison got into the mix with sweeps in and steals and even jumped Lavaca for an exciting layup ending the quarter 43-31. 

The Lady Tigers opened the final quarter with a powerbomb group consisting of Skylynn Harris, Seven Sanderson, Alyson Edwards, Sarah Fisher, and Natalie Allison. Once seeing the Mega Powers on the court, the Lady Golden Arrows might as well have grabbed the keys and started the bus. With many of the Tigers in foul trouble including Sadie Roberts and Kynslee Ward, the Tigers still fought a hard and physical fourth quarter. It was Sanderson who stepped up to the plate yet again to shut down Lavacas advances so who else but her to make the final shot of the game to send the Lady Tigers to victory with a hefty win of 57-42. 

Sadie Roberts and Allyson Edwards led the team in scoring with 14 points apiece. Good things come in pairs because Natalie Allyson and Seven Sanderson hung up 10 points a piece. Skylynn Harris rounded out the points for Mansfield by putting up 8 points on the night. Mansfield won’t be taking their win over Lavaca as a one-and-done. Next up for the Lady Tigers will be the Bill Frye Invitational and Mansfield intends on defending their home court to the max in the tournament.

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