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Lavaca Officer Involved in Accident

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A Lavaca officer was involved in an automobile accident on Friday afternoon, June 12.

According to Lavaca Police Chief Randy Toon, the officer was traveling east bound on Highway 22 when he locked a speeder traveling west bound at 75 mph. Toon stated that the officer turned on his emergency lights and slowed down to make a U-turn in order to make the the traffic stop. “Once west bound traffic cleared, the officer started to make his turn,” Chief Toon stated. “The vehicle following the officer tried to pass after the blue lights were turned on and hit the officer.”

Toon stated that the officer was not injured, and that the driver of other vehicle was treated for minor injuries.

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Tammy Teague
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  1. Need to make sure there are no cars coming up behind you before you make a u-turn keep your self and the people on the road way safe you have time to catch up with speeders after it is clear and safe to make a u-turn in the road just because you have your blue lights on does not mean that someone coming up behind you knows your going to whip around in front on them as for as they know they might think you are just going to pull over to the side of the road .