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Local Administrative Areas (LAA) Boundaries for Sebastian/Crawford/Scott County FSA

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For election purposes, counties are divided into local administrative areas, or LAAs. Each LAA has one producer serve a three-year term on the Farm Service Agency county committee. 

Most counties are divided into three LAAs. Combined counties may have three to eleven LAAs depending on the number of counties combined.

Sebastian/Crawford/Scott County FSA has five LAAs

Each year, an election is held in a LAA to replace the committee member whose three-year term is expiring. In counties with three LAAs, one seat is up for election annually. Combined counties may fill two or more seats during an election year. 

The three steps in the election process are the call for nominations, the election and installing the new committee member.

The LAA boundaries for Sebastian/Crawford/Scott County FSA are as follows:

  • LAA 1-Natural Dam, Bidville, Chester, Mountainburg, Rudy
  • LAA 2-Van Buren, Kibler, Alma, Mulberry
  • LAA 3-Fort Smith, Barling, Lavaca, Bloomer, Fort Chaffee, Jenny Lind, Greenwood, Washburn, Milltown, Witcherville, Dayton
  • LAA 4Bonanza, Hackett, Huntington, Mansfield, Abbott, Coaldale, Bates, Cauthron, Oliver, Hon
  • LAA 5North Booth, Elmfork, Evening Shade, Winfield, Waldron, Pleasant Valley, Ohio, Union, Blue Ball, Needmore, Parks, Boles, Cedar Creek, Y City 

    *Producers may view a map of LAA boundaries in the local FSA county office.

    The LAA’s up for election this year are LAA-1 and LAA-3. June 15 through August 2, 2021, is the period for nominating farmers and ranchers as candidates for the local COC election.  FSA encourages all eligible producers to nominate themselves, or another eligible producer, to run for office. Nomination forms (FSA-669 A’s) are available:
  • At http://www.fsa.usda.gov/elections , scroll down to the links under “Election Materials” Nomination Form”
  • By picking up FSA-669A at your local FSA office
  • By calling your local office and requesting FSA-669A be sent to you.
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