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Local Business Owner Petitions City Hall for Increased Parking


Driving down Main Street, one thing you are sure to notice is the fresh and updated look to many stores. There are also several new offices relocating in the area. Businesses are seeing more customers again now that shopping restrictions are being lifted.

With the rise in customers, businesses are finding the need for more parking. Specifically, parking for the elderly or handicapped.

Local Business owner Joanna Brandt of Rags and Roses, located at 100 N. Main St., petitioned City Hall for increased parking. Brandt is asking for more parking spaces along the side of the building, where an empty lot now stands.

The suggestion was made to put in a roundabout type of parking lot with day use and a small parking area on the side.

Brandt described instances of lost business due to the lack of parking in front of her store, particularly by those who need to park at sidewalk level due to physical restrictions.

The suggestion was favorable with surrounding business owners. The Greenwood City Council took no action, but will review Brandt’s proposal.

The owner of Rags and Roses petitioned City Hall for increased parking.
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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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