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Local Cities Fall Victim to Fraud


The Arkansas Municipal League has notified at least 95 cities, towns, counties and schools regarding a large scale fraudulent check scheme.

Mansfield is one of the cities that have been affected, with over $10,000 worth of forged checks being cashed. City Recorder/Treasurer Becky Walker said the three different checks showed up in a bank statement and she didn’t recognize the amounts. She immediately contacted the banks, filed a police report and contacted the AML. Both banks returned the monies from the fraudulent checks, and closed the affected accounts.

In total, all those affected have lost $440,000.00 due to the fraudulent activity.

The League encouraged cities to reconcile, or balance, their bank statements as soon as possible in the month. Additionally, to work closely with their financial institutions.

AML Executive Director, Mark Hayes said, “the League is working in full cooperation with the necessary entities and law enforcement agencies…The League is doing all we can to ensure the investigation continues…In the meanwhile, please be vigilant.”

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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