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Magazines “Little Fangs” Are Full Of Venom


As with any success seen in Jr High and Sr High, it all starts with the little guys. Outside of the town of Magazine, very little is known about Magazines Little League program. For years they played the BIG teams and were merely outnumbered on the field. It’s hard to take a team that can barely get enough players and try to overcome teams who have 40 to 50 players. Having to do that year in and year out can decimate a program. But all of that is slowly changing as the Magazine Little League program is looking to get the community “rattling” again.

The Little League Rattlers made a change in leagues last season with the creation of the West Central Football League. The WCFLs creator and President is none other than Magazines own Doug Powell who gathered a hand full of small schools to help bring smaller programs in the area back to their prime. The results of that move were an immediate impact for Magazine as their fifth and sixth grade Rattlers earned a playoff berth and even made it to the WCFL Championship in 2018. Although they fell to Hackett in the championship game, they proved something to their league opponents and more importantly, the town of Magazine. These snakes are as dangerous as ever.

Josh Scott, Magazines WCFL Representative and Treasurer said, “For years we barely had enough kids to suit up a team. We had to basically beg and plead with kids to sign up. It was hard to convince a kid or parent to play football when they knew they’d be facing teams three times bigger than us. With the creation of the WCFL, that all changed for us. Our success last season showed everyone that we can compete with anyone in this league. Kids are excited to be a Rattler now and our community is rallying behind them. Even our Sr High players are excited to work with and watch these little guys. Our numbers are higher than we’ve seen in years thanks to everyone pitching in and believing in our program.”

Magazines Little League program is blessed with awesome leadership, great coaches, and very talented young athletes. They have proven that they can compete with anyone no matter how big or small. But they are still in need of more players each year to continue growing the program to its full potential. But time is running out with sign-ups closing soon. Remember, the Little League teams the community represents today will be the Senior High teams representing the community tomorrow.

Photos courtesy of LaWaynea Cox

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