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Maintenance Tips for the Appliances in Your Apartment

Appliances are at constant risk of breaking, and in an apartment, we need quick ways to ensure that these devices and machines remain functional.

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Apartment life comes with its struggles, from decreased space to loud neighbors. On top of that, sometimes the oven, fridge, or sink gets damaged or malfunctions from constant use. These problems need resolutions quickly to avoid steep costs or issues with the rest of the apartment. These tips will help you find a solution.

Cleaning the Bottom of the Toaster

After a while, the toaster will have traces of crumbs left behind by toast or other cooked items. The toaster may start to release a burnt smell from the crumbs burning or making contact with the coils.

Some toasters have features that clear the crumbs from the bottom, but for those that don’t have a removable tray, you’ll need to clean it yourself. Simply unplug the toaster and use a damp cloth with water or vinegar to wipe away crumbs. Then, wait for it to dry before plugging it in.

Replace the Gasket on the Refrigerator Door

A refrigerator is a standard appliance in your apartment that needs maintenance. Every refrigerator has a gasket seal that keeps the cold air in to preserve temperature-sensitive foods. Over time, the rubber of the gasket loses its strength and may become brittle. When this happens, you will need to replace the gasket with a new one.

The gasket is normally held in place by hex-shaped bolts that need loosening to release the gasket. Soak the new gasket in warm water before installing it to make the rubber more flexible. Replace the gasket by placing it behind the metal retainer in the refrigerator door and securing it with the bolts. Use a fingertip of petroleum jelly to line the gasket to make it less difficult to open the refrigerator.

Changing the AC Filter

When you move into a new apartment, the air conditioner is one of the first appliances to check. Your AC is a vital appliance in the summer months, and it needs maintenance to keep you cool. The AC filter keeps dust and dirt out of the air but accumulates particles over time and loses its ability to produce clean air.

You’ll need to locate the filter to change it. The filter isn’t always in the same location, so you may need to explore. Make sure you check the condition of the old filter to see if it is reusable. If it has too many contaminates, dispose of it and get a new one.

Apartment maintenance takes consistent work, and you’ll need the right tools for the job. Each appliance has its own needs, and with the necessary knowledge, you will handle it.

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