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Mansfield 5th Graders Hold Thanksgiving Feast


By Megan Hecox
For over a decade the 5th grade class at Mansfield Middle School has always been able to count on one holiday activity without fail. The Thanksgiving Feast. Every year on the week before Thanksgiving Break, Mansfield Middle School Science Teacher Mrs. Kandis Howard organizes a Thanksgiving lunch for the entire 5th grade. With help from the parents, who make and bring all the food, these students are guaranteed to have at least one holiday meal before they head to break. A LOT of preparation goes into planning and putting on a meal of this size. This year’s 5th-grade class has 59 students. When asked why she goes through all of the hard work for one meal, Mrs. Howard said “I see how much the kids look forward to this. I have had students years after 5th grade tell me how much the Thanksgiving meal meant to them. For some of my students, this is the only holiday meal they will see. Yes, it can be stressful but that stress is so small compared to giving my students the lifelong memory of a Thanksgiving meal.”

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