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Mansfield City Council Meeting (April)

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Madison Macnew, Resident Press Staff Writer
The Mansfield City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday, April 20th at Mansfield City Hall. In attendance were City Council members – Dave Johnson, Nathan Sterling, Beverly Lyons, Rick McDaniel, Sheri Hopkins, Georganna Mabry, Mansfield Recorder/Treasurer – Becky Walker, Mansfield Mayor– Larry Austin, Mansfield Fire Chief – Stephen Haysmer, as well as a many citizens and business owners of our area. Mansfield Police Chief – Boyd Farmer was not present.
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.
Reading of the Minutes, and Financial Statements
Rick McDaniel reminded Mayor Austin of the need to lock the electrical box outside of Dixie Theatre. Motion made to accept, and seconded. All in favor of the March minutes.
No questions or comments regarding the March Financial Report. Motion made to accept, and seconded. All in favor of the March Financial Report.
Mansfield Public Works Department
Wes Thomas reported on the state of the Public works department. Two men have just finished classes to become licensed. All departments will be in compliance.
Mansfield Police Department
Westbrook reported for the police department.
Officer Garrison graduated fulltime academy last Thursday.
Chief Boyd Farmer will be taking a medical leave of absence.  The department will be understaffed in the near future. Officers from outside affiliations have offered to step in to help.
Mansfield Fire Department
Stephen Haysmer, Fire Chief, reported that two more water trucks have to be repaired.
Progress has been made in gaining trained fire department workers.
City Attorney – no report
Mansfield Recorder/Treasurer –
The annual financial report, which was due April 1, was turned in on time.
Unfinished Business – No report
New Business
A.  A selection of the Sebastian County District Court records is to be destroyed per approval of city council.
B. June City Council meeting rescheduled from the 15th to the 22nd due to Municipal League Meeting June 14-16.
C. Ben Thomas, owner of World Wireless Internet Company, proposed a plan to install gear on local water tower to supply Internet service to the Mansfield area. This could provide fast, affordable Internet service to citizens in rural areas in the miles surrounding the tower. Hoping to install in the month of May. Proposal will be put on the agenda of next month’s meeting to give the city lawyer the opportunity to review contracts.
D. National Historic Preservation Proclamation approved by all members.
Announcements / Public Comments
A.  Construction of the public walking trail has begun. With weather permitting, the trail should be complete within a few weeks.
B. Dixie Theatre renovation work is proceeding.
C. Volunteers are coming on Saturday to help with repairs to theatre and gazebo.
D. Next meeting of Planning/Zoning Commission scheduled for April 24 at 5:30 p.m.
Adjourned at 8:23 p.m.

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