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Mansfield City Council Meeting (June)

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The 2nd public hearing regarding the implementation of an Arkansas Community and Economic Plan (ACEDP) for the Mansfield Community Center/Dixie Theater project #790-08901-15 was held at 6:45pm, before the City Council convened.
The purpose of this hearing was to inform the citizens of the current scope and progress of the ACEDP project and to discuss any changes or impacts involving financing sources that have occurred since the first hearing.
The Mansfield City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting, at Mansfield City Hall, Thursday, July, 22, 2017. In attendance were City Council members – Dave Johnson, Nathan Sterling, Georganna Mabry, Beverly Lyons, Rick McDaniel, Sheri Hopkins, Mansfield Recorder/Treasurer – Becky Walker, Mansfield Mayor– Larry Austin, Mansfield Fire Chief – Stephen Haysmer, (Acting) Mansfield Police Chief – Stephen Westbrook, as well as a many citizens and business owners of our area.
Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.
Reading of the Minutes, and Financial Statements
While reading the minutes several questions were asked by the Council Members, to the Mayor regarding how things are budgeted, why funds are allocated towards certain items, and mentioning being “over budget” in most all areas.
The focus of the questions were primarily centered around the cost of newly constructed walking trail, and how much was owed towards paying it off.
Mabry – Motion, Johnson 2nd, Motion Passed to accept the minutes.
Mansfield Public Works Department
Ryan Hushka, represented Director of Public Works, Wes Thomas stated everything is going good, clearing ditches for water flow, resetting of Hwy 71 stoplight, and trash truck is back in operation – Mayor Austin, added “trash truck repairs are costly to say the least”
Mansfield Police Department – No report was given.

Mansfield Fire Department
Chief Haysmer, stated  “We’ve been doing a lot of training keeping up with changing trends in equipment, and rescue procedures. We’ve responded to one accident, and supported Hartford on one call. All is well.”
McDaniel asked about the current situation concerning the AED which was brought up in May. Haysmer responded “We’ll be presenting an option soon that is not as high priced as we thought.”
“This is not a new problem”, stated Mayor Austin. Councilman McDaniel, responded “No, but we should have done something about it when we were made aware of this. That’s the problem.”
City Attorney – no report
Mansfield Recorder/Treasurer – Becky Walker stated that the 4th of July festivities will be that Tuesday, “Just Us” will be performing, with the make-up date being July 8th.
Unfinished Business
A) Wireless Proposal – WOW – No representation present – City Attorney presented a reviewed copy of proposed contract
B) Waterline, Henley Road (Easements) – City Attorney has finished the proposed copy of the easement paperwork. “If no easements are signed by the neighbors, “we’ll go around them.” – Mayor Austin
C) Meter Tap & Meter Fees – “After reviewing other towns fees, we’re in the ballpark. In order for us to change/revise the fees, we have to pass an ordinance.” – Mayor Austin
Highway dept has their own fees for non-city, and non-county roads.
McDaniel – “Costs of the taps themselves cost more than what we’re charging. Taps will continue to rise in cost, from here on out. We need to look at current prices or taps, and balance ours according to adjoining towns.”
New Business
A) Zoning Proposal, Ordinance – Referenced map to proposed ordinance in regards to portable housing within the city limits. Manufactured homes have to meet HUD codes.
McDaniel responded to the definition of mobile housing, vs. manufactured homes, and stated the regulatory codes per the State of Arkansas.
Mabry – Motion, McDaniel 2nd, motion passes (all in favor)
B) Water Meters, Hydrant Locations – Contract, WAPDD – Computerized map of shutoff valves, meters, & hydrants, lines, etc., Up-gradable program, add to existing map, GPS on the phone. 1st year would cost approx. $4000.00, includes rural meters, this would be in 5 phases, 1 person maps this at $40 per hour, last job took her 2 weeks
“This is going to cost a fortune” – Councilman Dave Johnson
“This is a positive and productive thing for the future. Current balance is $153k, this would cost us $7000. It’s your decision to make.”  – Mayor Austin
Sterling – motion, Mabry – 2nd, Motion passes (all in favor)
C) Personnel: Police, Public Works
Exec Session for Employing – Mabry motion, McDaniel 2nd at 8:03pm / Meeting called back into sessions at 8:24pm
Steve Henderson as Full-time employee – Hopkins Motion, Lyons 2nd, motion passes (all in favor)
Police Dept. Kyle Pippin, Full-time  – McDaniel motion, Lyons 2nd. Motion passes (all)
Police Dept. Shawn White, Part-Time – Sterling motion, Hopkins 2nd, Motion passes (all)
D) Request for Annexations – Jack Slate Family – 30 acres
Announcements / Public Comments
A) Theatre Work; Progress – grant money has been applied to HVAC, bathrooms, and aesthetics. Hoping to open in September. (Mayor Austin)
B) Park Progress – walking trail is being used “some”, asphalt work to be done, and striping to be finished. Playground equip should be here July 12th – 14th.  (Mayor Austin)
C) Fire Dept. Sales Tax, Sebastian Co. – N/A
Council Member, Sheri Hopkins“I’m curious about grant money for asphalt paving our new roads.” Mayor Austin responded, “We’ll look at doing this next year. The road from Elementary school to Middle school is on the list.”
Council Member, Nathan Sterling – “What about those bridges?” Mayor Austin responded,  “They’re in great shape, just not wide enough.”
Council Member, Rick McDaniel“Are you going to tell us anything about the new business coming to Mansfield? Mayor Austin responded,  “They’re currently looking into doing the dirt work.”
Mansfield Resident, Bobby Musgrove“Whose responsibility is it for vegetation growing over the streets obstructing the views? Mayor Austin responded,  “The City of Mansfield. We’ll look at that.” Musgrove, added “It’s past the point of bad, and someone is going get hurt.”
Mansfield Resident, Robert Walker“is there a parks committee? Do we have a 20yr plan about the City Lake? Mayor Austin responded, “Yes, there is a parks and recreation committee.”
Community Members, Amanda Wilson, and Al Bryant gave their perspective on the current state of the roads, especially between the Elementary and Middle School. Both are concerned for child safety, and traffic congestion. Mayor Austin responded, “I believe that’s a school issue, and not a city issue.”
Adjourned at 8:56PM

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