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Mansfield City Council Meeting – March


Madison MacNew, Resident Press Contributor

The Mansfield City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday, March 16th at Mansfield City Hall. In attendance were City Council members – Dave Johnson, Nathan Sterling, Beverly Lyons, Rick McDaniel, Sheri Hopkins, Georganna Mabry, Mansfield Recorder/Treasurer – Becky Walker, Mansfield reported – Larry Austin, Mansfield Fire Chief – Stephen Haysmer, as well as a many citizens, and business owners of our area. Mansfield Police Chief – Boyd Farmer was absent from the meeting.
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.
Reading of the Minutes, and Financial Statements
No questions or comments regarding the February minutes. Motion made to accept, and seconded. All in favor of the February minutes.
No questions or comments regarding the November Financial Statement. Motion made to accept, and seconded. All in favor of the November minutes.
Mansfield Public Works Department
Wes Thomas reported on the state of the Public Works Department. Thomas commented on the state of the water lines that were compromised in February, stating that the leaks were taken care of. The city has not yet been reimbursed for the damage that was done by an outside company.
“Our crew did an excellent job,” Mayor Austin said of the Mansfield Water Department’s work on the water leak.
Mansfield Police Department
Mayor Austin relayed a message from Police Chief, Boyd Farmer, who was absent from the meeting. Counterfeit money has been showing up at several businesses in Mansfield in the form of both $10 and $20 bills.
Mansfield Fire Department
Stephen Haysmer, Fire Chief, reported that one of the Fire department’s trucks had been repaired. All trucks are to pass a pump test in April.
All personnel will be undergoing training very soon, including CPR and “Jaws of Life” training.
There are still tankers needing repairs and vehicles needing new tires.
The Fire Department has recently recruited two new crewmembers, Dave Thomas and Hunter Pyles.
City Attorney – no report
Mansfield Recorder/Treasurer – no report
Unfinished Business

  • Water Line (Henley Road) – Estimate of $46,000. $35,000 approved to come from the depreciation reserve fund.
  • Waste Water Improvements – $7690 estimate for wastewater plant repair.
  • Budget Amendment ­– Dixie Theatre Project, Jail Administration, and Police Station Remodel. $5045 needed for Dixie Theatre electrical work, $1525 local cost, the remainder will come from grants.

New Business

  • The Affordable Housing Act is requiring city planning and zoning for manufactured homes. Mayor Austin expects approximately 90 days for a report for the planning and zoning prospects.
  • Brooks Norris, owner of the trailer park, came forward to speak on his plans for the future of the trailer park. “I want to attract a better quality of living than we have now,” Norris said when telling the council about his plans for multifamily housing in the location that is currently the trailer park.
  • The council reviewed the Water Department audits from 2015-2016. The report came back with positive reviews.

Announcements / Public Comments

  • Mayor Austin reported that he expects the walking trail to be completed within 30-45 days.
  • Dixie Theatre electrical work will include the addition of lighting in the concession, lobby, and exit areas.
  • After the most recent crisis involving the water department, the city council has come up with a plan for public notification. An answering machine has been implemented on city phones for any after-hour announcements. In case of any major notifications, the city will also notify television and radio news stations in order to reach the citizens of Mansfield.

Adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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