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Mansfield City Lake Park Vandalized


By Tammy Moore Teague
Early Saturday morning Mansfield resident James Steele went to walk the track at Mansfield City Lake Park. The normally beautiful and serene atmosphere was littered with trash, debris and tire markings on the park’s grounds.
“I love the walking trail, its so nice, quiet and peaceful,” said Steele. “We appreciate having something like this and it’s so upsetting to see someone come in, trash it and tear it up like this.”
Gaping ruts on the grounds, tire marks on the walking trail, beer cans and cigarette butts were all marks of the weekend vandal. The Mansfield Police Department urges everyone to keep a watchful eye out and contact them if they see any activity. If you have any information about this incident you are asked to contact Sergeant Tom Garrison with the Mansfield Police Department at 479-928-5552.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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