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Mansfield Is Tiger Title Town For Volleyball


The start of something new is always a big thing. You’re excited about what the future holds on this new journey but also scared about leaving the comforts of what you know behind. The beginning of the 2020 Mansfield volleyball season saw the Lady Tigers leaving behind the comforts of their old home in the 3A and venturing into a new 2A territory. To completely start over in something can either make you or break you. And this season, the Lady Sr High Tigers let it make them.

Amber Elmore

They set out on this new adventure with high hopes of conquering the competition which lay in teams from Mulberry, Eureka Springs, Lavaca, Thaden, Life Way Christian, Decatur, and Ozark Catholic Academy. And boy did they ever! They even sprinkled in a few nonconference victories from 3A Waldron, 5A Alma, and 3A Charleston to boot. After winning a total of 63 sets and earning 880 kills, 435 aces, 62 blocks, and 855 digs, while also defeating the teams of Midland, Flippin, Crowley’s Ridge, AND Lavaca in the State Tournament, the Mansfield Lady Tigers finished their season undefeated with a 21-0 total play record, 14-0 in conference, and let’s not forget the cherry on top, a State Champion Title.

“These girls have succeeded my expectations for this season,” expressed head coach, Kaylie Pyles. “They have overcome every obstacle that has stood in their way. They stepped up into positions they had never played before when players were missing due to quarantine and played through injuries. Every game they continued to get better. They have so much grit, determination, and drive to win! I am so thankful to be their coach. This has been a year with so many unknowns and I’m so blessed that we had this opportunity. Thank you to all of the parents and community who have supported us through this journey!” 

Natalie Allison

Total season player stats are as follows:

Freshman, Alyson Edwards made 29 kills and 3 blocks.

Sophomores, Madelen Jones got 16 kills, 66 aces, 2 blocks, 83 digs, and 393 assists. Natalie Allison ended with 131 kills, 50 aces, 6 blocks, 80 digs, and 234 assists. Cassidy Carlton had 1 ace and 4 assists. Skylynn Harris earned 214 kills, 44 aces, 4 blocks, 43 digs, and 3 assists. Alayna Turner got 11 kills, 10 aces, 13 digs, and 1 assist. Brooklyn Adams made 80 kills, 113 aces, 3 blocks, 149 digs, and 59 assists. Seven Sanderson got 1 kill and 3 aces. And Serenity Brunson had 2 kills, 2 aces, and 1 dig.

Juniors, Kiara Thomas finished with 17 kills, 42 aces, 275 digs, and 44 assists. Sadie Roberts got 77 kills, 14 blocks, 5 digs, and 2 assists. And Haylee Helms made 9 aces, 154 digs, and 1 assist.

Seniors, Chloe Creekmore made 1 kill, 8 aces, and 1 dig. Amber Elmore got 6 kills and 1 block. And Brooke Wright achieved 295 kills, 87 aces, 24 blocks, 51 digs, and 7 assists.

Brooklyn Adams and Kiara Thomas

The 2020 Mansfield Volleyball Sr Lady Tigers

Photos courtesy of Crystal Thomas

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