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Mansfield Officer Aids in Swift Water Rescue


On Friday, January 10, the waters were rising as heavy rains fell across portions of Scott County. That evening, a call came in to emergency dispatchers reporting that an 83 year old man had been swept off the roadway at Scott Side and Tate Road. According to Mansfield Police Chief Wayne Robb, Officer Josh Huskey aided in that rescue by serving as a liaison between multiple agencies.

“Huskey served as a middle man between agencies,” stated Robb. Adding that the man was saved because of the coordinated effort.

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded, including Scott and Logan County. Also responding, the Game and Fish Commission, and volunteer fire departments.

Huskey stated that it was initially determined that a walk out rescue was not possible. Travis Cooper, Assistant Deputy Director with the Sebastian County Emergency Management and Public Safety Department, dispatched Greenwood Fire Department’s Swift Water Rescue, who responded with two team members and a boat. “It was determined that two rescue swimmers would enter the creek above the vehicle and float down to the man,” stated Huskey. “The Greenwood team was able to get to him and get him out of the vehicle. Once he was out, they got him over to the bank and to a nearby house to warm him up.”

Later, EMS was able to cross the creek and transport the hypothermic man, who was able to make a full recovery.

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Tammy Teague
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