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Mansfield Schools Make Needed Improvements


It doesn’t seem that long ago when Mansfield Schools were in dire straits. A constant change in Superintendent leadership, school board meetings every week, and the cloud of uncertainty looming over the district. Fast forward, that’s all changed and Mansfield looks better than ever.
When Robin Ross, a Texas native was hired to take over the helm as Superintendent, he came in with a single focus. That focus was to get Mansfield back on track as quickly as possible. Ross has one motto that he firmly stands behind, “Our kids come first.”
Changes in a school system are the norm. But, Ross has a mindset that looks beyond what’s needed, and focuses on the what can be done to improve, and attract. “Our entire staff is a team of insightful opinions. Those opinions help us make the needed changes to make everyone’s daily routine better, safer, and more efficient” stated Ross. “It matters if a light bulb needs changed, or new paint is needed on a wall. The little things make a big difference.”
Ross, along with each School Principal took us on a guided tour of what’s taken place in the weeks prior to and immediately following dismissal for Summer break. Join us as we illustrate a few of the major improvements.

When you walk into the buildings, you will quickly notice that you can’t “just walk in.” Cameras with two-way communications lets school officials know who is needing to come in, and their intent. The doors are remotely unlocked as needed.

Fluorescent lighting has been replaced with LED lighting. The new lights are easier on the eyes, cost less to operate, and a huge improvement for lighting in general.

Improvements are the focus of Mansfield School Distirct administration, faculty, and staff
New roofing material for the 1st & 2nd grade building has been placed along side the library with planned construction in June / July.

Mansfield School District was one of the very first districts to change to a lease program that adds safety, and cuts costs. Districts, such as Mansfield can lease (7) buses for what one would cost to buy. Only incurred expenses are tires, oil changes and general maintenance of wear and tear. The buses are covered by Thomas for 3years, or 50k Miles. In that 3yrs there are no major maintenance. “We, and the students are very pleased with our fleet right now” stated Joe Davis

In the High School gym, a new sound system was installed just before graduation, along with LED lighting. Updating the WI-Fi system will hopefully take place by the end of the summer.

Improvements that are both readily seen, and some that were not is a process the Ross believes in. “We want our students, faculty, and parents to know that we’re working hard to make even more changes. Mansfield has a bright future.” added Ross.

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