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Mansfield Sophomore Utilizes Vertimax Training

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Tiger Basketball is a memory, and we’re well into the Baseball season . For one MHS Sophomore that plays both basketball and football, that doesn’t mean a rest is in order. It just means more time to ramp up the individual football workouts.

Used to showing up early and getting a workout before many of his teammates even arrive at school, Ethan Stovall has already started individualized training for next football season. The Tigers’ starting quarterback beginning in 2017, Stovall now has mornings and afternoons in preparation for next Fall’s gridiron game.

With 2018 Football in sight, the rocket armed prospect is taking his new found free time after school to increase his athleticism. Footwork, elusiveness, and throwing reps are on his agenda. Even when no other person is in the building, such as the day this workout was observed, he puts in the time to be the lead Tiger.

As the gymnasium clears of almost every other player except for a few track and field throwers forced inside due to the rain, Stovall strapped himself into the Vertimax. 

A platformed machine equipped with a series of elaborated bungee cords, the Vertimax, is used for resistance training. It can help a player increase vertical jump height. It can also provide the athlete with the restricting force needed to bob and weave the rush of a defensive lineman.

On this day, that’s what Stovall was doing. He was pushing and pulling his way through a set of low brow cones as the cables tugged and turned his limbs from ankles on up.

“We already have a set of drop back drills that the coaches have me do,” said Stovall when quizzed about his independent workouts. “Those cone drills I kind of made up. It helps my footwork as I move around in the pocket. This cable on my arm is like when a defensive linemen slaps and pulls at my throwing arm.”

The training set was quick and intense. As witnessed by the heavy breathing and broken breathed speech of the quarterback, the resistance training was definitely working.

“I think I’ll get my cleats on and get some throws outside,” said Stovall after he unbuckled the bands that connected to his arms and legs. “It’s just raining a little bit. I think I can still get my throws done.”

So it goes in the life of a Mansfield player wanting to improve his individual game and thereby improve his team. 

It’s the type of mentality the Tigers will need as they strap on the pads for another exciting football season come next Fall.

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