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Mansfield Sr’s Cut The Deck With Mavericks


Pictured is #13 Makayla Strutton

On Thursday, December 3rd, the 2A Mansfield Sr High Tigers and Lady Tigers hit the hardwood at home to try their hand at keeping the 6A Southside Mavericks and Lady Mavericks from calling a royal flush. After some heavy-duty basketball action, the Lady Tigers finished with a final winning score of 46-37 while the Tigers ended under 38-53.

#1 Ethan Pettus

Although the first quarter ended with the Lady Mavericks leading 13-10, the Lady Tigers came back in the second quarter to quickly shut Southside down for the remainder of the match. Leading in scoring for the Sr Lady Tigers was Chloe Creekmore with 16 followed by Brooke Wright with 9, Sadie Roberts with 8, Kiara Thomas with 6, Danielle Lillie with 4, Natalie Allison with 2, and Makayla Strutton with 1.

#2 Kiara Thomas

The Tigers stayed firm on the heels of the Mavericks all the way up to the third quarter which ended with a score of 35-32 Southside. But unfortunately Mansfield lost their footing in the final quarter allowing the Mavericks to take all. Ethan Pettus finished on top with 11 points, JoJo Bailey scored 9, Zayne Dugan and Tyler Escalante each netted 6, Codi Chick snagged 4, and Bri Sanderson logged 2.

#13 Tyler Escalante

The Sr Tigers will compete in their third game this week when they travel to Lamar on Friday, December 4 with Jr High kicking things off at 4 pm.

#11 Chloe Creekmore

#00 JoJo Bailey in the Tigers game against Paris in which Mansfield finished with a score of 43-54

#12 Danielle Lillie in the Lady Tigers match against the Lady Eagles where Paris took the win 47-35
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