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Mansfield Steals West Forks Stripes To Stay Undefeated


In an almost complete blowout of a football game, the Mansfield Sr High Tigers quickly let it be known to the West Fork Tigers that there could only be one “Big Cat” in the 3A-1 conference. After Friday nights huge 52-6 homecoming victory against West Fork, Mansfield now sits undefeated 4-0 in overall season play.

#12 Jaicy Griffin

Wasting no time getting to work, Randy Claude got fans on their feet with his blocking skills on a West Fork punt. Quarterback, Ethan Stovall, threw a powerful pass to Tyler Holmes who ran it in for the first Tigers touchdown putting the score to 6-0 Mansfield. As West Fork was finally trying to get their play-action going, Clay James was quick to shut it down with an interception for a 36-yard return.

#5 Ethan Stovall

With only seven minutes into the first quarter, Will Meadows added another touchdown to the board upgrading the score to 12-0 Mansfield. The big play of the night came when the Tigers were deep in West Fork territory. Ethan Stovall took the snap from the one-yard line and launched a pass to Holmes for a 99-yard Tiger touchdown. Along with Claudes added two-point conversion, it was Mansfields game at 20-0. Just as West Fork was thinking they could get some points on the board, Blayne Bryant was fast to crush their dreams as he caused a West Fork fumble allowing Jaicy Griffin to then lay out a 22-yard run.

#10 Clay James

Before the half, Mansfield would go on to put four more touchdowns in the books. Helping to make that happen was Layton Howard with a 12-yard run for a TD, Stovall with a 33-yard run for a TD, and Isaac Cothran and Luke Ridenhour securing one TD each sending Mansfield into halftime leading 46-0. In the second half of the game, the Tigers would add one more touchdown to the score with a Zayne Dugan pass to Austin Carlton for a 53-yard run to victory. Also tacking on to the Tigers success was Caleb Corson with 49 rushing yards.

#4 Zayne Dugan

The Mansfield Tigers defense were the real MVPs of the game with their over the top blocks and their no holds barred flying techniques that even a wrestler would be proud of. Helping deliver Tiger tackles like it was Christmas Eve was Zach Lowe, Bri Sanderson, Jacob Brown, Dustin Holland, and Cameron “Makin’ em’ Hurt” Macon.

#45 Cameron “Makin’ em Hurt” Macon

The party’s only getting started for the undefeated Mansfield Tigers as they will travel to Greenland and attempt to create rough seas for the 2-2 Pirates on Friday, October 4 at 7 p.m.

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