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Marine PFC Owens Graduates


By Tammy Moore Teague
Back in August we brought you the story on Levi Owens, a young man embarking on a career with the United States Marine Corp.     –See related story
Owens has completed his 13 weeks of boot camp and has now graduated and been promoted to PFC, Private First Class. Owens’ family and friends all traveled to San Diego, CA to be present for the ceremony. Accompanying his mother and father, Lana and Bobby Owens were Rena Owens, Levi Owens’ girlfriend, and her mother, Misty. Also, family friend, Trevor Cooper and his son Elliott came to witness this momentous occasion.
Owens parents attended a Wednesday evening Meet ‘n Greet. It was here they met their son’s platoon leader. “He was so impressed with Levi. Thirteen weeks of training and going through things we can’t imagine,” said Owens’ mom.  “During that time, he was given the prayer leader and squad leader position. He had one of the highest scores for rifle qualification and is identified as an expert. Part of these 13 weeks he was dealing with pneumonia, sinus infection and a hurt foot. His platoon leader just couldn’t say enough good about him and we were honored that he sat and had supper with us that evening.”

Marine PFC Levi Owens

Following graduation, Owens has had the opportunity to return home for a few days. “I’m so glad to be home,” Owens said. His mother and father have enjoyed every minute of having him there, too. “We have something planned for every day he’s been home. Sunday, after church, he got to go hunting with his dad. We all prayed he would get a deer, and he did!”
Owens has been able to spend time with his girlfriend. He’s also been able to do a few of the things he’s always enjoyed doing. “We’re going to make a bonfire, and go on a few hunts.”
Being reunited with their son has been quite special for the family who has amazingly close ties. Owens’ mom always worked jobs where she could maximize her time with him. And, Owens and his father are best of friends. “I was able to be off work the entire time he’s been home and they’ve been understanding about that,” Lana Owens said.
He will return to San Diego on Monday morning. Following that time, he will go to Camp Pendleton, ITB, Infantry Training Battalion. At that time he will undergo training for weapons and field training.
Levi Owens with his girlfriend, Rena (right) and her mom, Misty.

Levi Owens with family friend, Trevor Cooper and his son Elliott.

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