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McKay Speaks FAITHful Message

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Konnor McKay. You’ve heard the name, and you probably know the smile followed with a humble demeanor. McKay is loved here at Resident Press for his heart for Waldron, Bulldog Football, and his unwavering passion of his Faith. It’s contagious to say the least.

This week (Wednesday, June 13th) Mckay followed up on an invite from new Waldron Head Coach, Jonathan Bates to speak to the many teams that descended upon Bulldog stadium to inspire, and impact the lives of the youthful footballers, coaches, and attendees.

Passionately speaking, McKay brought it.

His eloquent words of life, purpose, meaning, and yes, Faith echoed through the hearts of all who listened. Konnor McKay is no ordinary man. He is one whose passion for Waldron, the people, and Bulldog Football come no deeper, or stronger. His message of Faith solidifies his purpose, and gives meaning to his calling.

McKay contributes to RP for Waldron Football, Lead Evangelist at Konnor McKay Ministries, and Lead pastor at Waldron Pentecostal Church of God .

Thank you, Konnor for all you do.

Photo courtesy of Lonnie Hester, Hackett Hornets Head Coach.


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  1. Just because X president, Osama Obama said it was wrong, doesn’t make it so. I cheer for any media outlet that is not ashamed of the gospel. It’s about time for the majority to be heard from, and not the minority who stomps the loudest.

  2. “Our stance is “good news” and “community focused news.” We personally feel there is nothing wrong with articles such as this. In fact, the world and news needs more of this

    Regardless of your personal feelings, this is an illegal practice. It will be a good opportunity for you and your community to learn about WHY it’s (in fact) illegal for a coach to lead student in prayer,. Good grief. You’d think a newspaper would know this.