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MMS 5th Grade Students of the Month – October

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The Mansfield Middle School has been tremendously blessed with outstanding leaders of tomorrow.  Instead of presenting a group of students of the month, we will attempt to select two students each week from different grades to highlight their abilities and educational success.
5th Grade students of the month for October are Austin Ruiz and Brooklyn Fraize.  Both students were nominated by their teachers for outstanding qualities they display by being positive leaders and helpful students and peers.
Austin and Brooklyn are in their first year at the Middle School like all other 5th grade students and seem to be transitioning well.
Austin was nominated for his hard work and dedication in the classroom as well as his leadership projected throughout the day.
Brooklyn has been a persistent worker that is tireless with her dedication.  Austin and Brooklyn continue working hard in each and every class and are working at impacting others that are around them.  We hope that both students continue to grow and work on being positive students and leaders at Mansfield Middle School.
Here are some key facts that Austin and Brooklyn would like to share:
Austin Ruiz: Favorite Subject Math                               Brooklyn Fraize:  Favorite subject Math
Hobby:  Fishing                                                             Hobby:  Outside Activities
Funniest School Memory: Mr. Brewer pulled                Funniest School Memory: My friend doing a sack race.
a chair and Boston Elmore fell down.
Favorite Movie: Fate of the Furious.                            Favorite Movie: Sky High.
Embarrassing Moment: Fell out of my chair.               Embarrassing Moment: Falling in the middle of class.
Happiest Moment: Christmas                                      Happiest Moment:  When my brother was born.
Favorite Book: Brain’s Hunt                                         Favorite Book: The City of Ember
Favorite Food: Pizza                                                    Favorite Food: Cheese Pizza
Future Aspirations: Not sure                                        Future Aspirations: Go to college.
Favorite Color: Red                                                      Favorite Color: Blue
Congratulations to Austin and Brooklyn and their parents for having such great young students.
Thanks for such great students from Mansfield Middle School.

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