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MMS Students: Caught Being Good


Students were caught being good around the Middle School campus again this week! Faculty and staff have been diligent in their effort to expose these students for their good behavior and conduct.  These students are demonstrating why they are such outstanding members of the community and MMS.

Those students were:

  • Eden Mounts was recognized for her charitable donations for charity.
  • Jada McBride continued going out of her way to help students in class and displaying respect to her teacher and peers.
  • Harley Kunkel continued to work on math utilizing multiple learning strategies and never giving up.   She continued to show persistence and using all necessary tools to continue to work and accomplish her goal of success.
  • Colton Lawson continued to help peers during class that were struggling with their assignments.
  • Kaylie Lowery, can you say polite, polite, and polite she is just one of the best students and a joy be around in class each and everyday.
  • Kody Rodriguez stopped to help another student pick up her belongings after being dropped in the hall without being asked.

So today and everyday we continue to acknowledge the small everyday deeds that MMS students exhibit through small acts of kindness and love.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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