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MSD Looks to Increase School Safety


By Tammy Moore Teague
Mansfield School District’s Superintendent, Robert Ross, recommended the board take action on adding increased security across its three campuses. “We need added layers of security,” stated Ross. He proposed a multi-optional approach. First, to poll current faculty and staff to see if any were interested in becoming concealed carry certified. Alternatively, if there was no interest among those employees, that the district look at hiring a school resource officer.
The members of the board discussed patterning security measures after schools like Clarksville, who have staff trained and concealed carry certified faculty on campus. Additionally, Lavaca, who has employed a resource officer. The discussion spurred concerns over that person “having a gun.” Ross responded saying the board would have the say in whether or not that person would carry a gun. “You can put that in the job description if they are to have a gun or not. It’s up to us.”
Ross recommended that the board be prepared to take some sort of action on the issue at the next meeting in August. “We have to do something,” Ross added. Concluding, “it’s a moot point” if none of the faculty or staff want to become concealed carry certified.
The district will continue further training with an active shooter drill. Ross indicated that the Scott County Sheriff’s office would assist with those exercises.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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