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New Look, Familiar Faces: Magazine Police Department Makes Big Changes

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By Brandy Young

If you drive through the city of Magazine often, chances are you have become accustomed to seeing the red and black Rattler wrapped police truck. It was a bold choice to deck out a law enforcement vehicle with red snakeskin print and Rattler logo. It certainly caught the eye of anyone who passed by. But residents will no longer see the “Rattler Truck” around town.

Sgt. Brett Chappell

Recently, the Magazine Police Department has undergone a change in command. The City of Magazine entered into an inter-local agreement with the Logan County Sheriff’s office and is now a department of the Sheriff’s Office. The city will benefit from this partnership as the officers will have access to a larger agency with established policies, procedures, training, and supervision. City Council member Wayne Corbitt is happy with the partnership. “It has been great so far,” stated Corbitt.  He expressed one of the main benefits will be the resources available to the city in terms of manpower and equipment that a small community might not be able to afford without such an agreement.

Brett Chappell was hired this spring as a sergeant with the Sheriff’s office and will serve as the Magazine Police Chief. He will continue to work out of the office at City Hall, attend council meetings, and work with the mayor. As a sergeant, he will also have supervision authority within the Sheriff’s Office. Sgt Chappell says the inter-local agreement is “a real game changer. In Law Enforcement there is nothing more important than communication and unity.  We have that now, along with many other benefits,” says Sgt. Chappell. “It is very difficult for one person to serve a city/school and do it justice alone. With the Sheriff’s office, I now have the backing if Investigators, Narcotics Officer, and all full-time and part-time officers. We are all on one team and that is what it takes to be successful.”

Sgt. Chappell is a Magazine native and a Magazine High School Graduate. He started his career in Law Enforcement with the Logan County Sheriff’s office in 2015 where he served five years as a Patrol Deputy and then two years with the Booneville Police Department where he rose to the rank of sergeant. Sgt. Chappell continues to live in Magazine and his daughter attends school at Magazine Elementary. “Having the opportunity to serve the City of Magazine is truly a dream come true for me,” says Sgt. Chappell. “My family and I have deep roots in Magazine, and I truly care about the community.” He is also looking forward to working closely with the Magazine School District. “Since serving in Law Enforcement, one of my favorite things has always been working with the Magazine School District.  Now I have the chance to do that on a daily basis and work with our kids.”

Jim Elkins, who has been serving as the city’s part-time deputy, has also been hired on by the Sherriff’s Office. He will continue to be assigned to Magazine and provide excellent service to the citizens and community.

It was important to the Sherriff’s Office to give the city police truck a new look to reflect the change in leadership. It now is emblazoned with the Logan County Sherriff’s Office logo but includes the Magazine Police Department badge as well. It will also include the school Rattler on both sides of the bed soon. There are some who prefer the bold rattler design, but the Sherriff’s Office wanted to show continuity with all its patrol vehicles.  The new graphics are also now more reflective at night, which will add to the safety of the officers and community.

While the outside has changed, you will see the same familiar faces on the inside, ready to serve where they are needed.

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