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No Anti-Venom For Lamar Against JV Rattlers


David vs Goliath. Muggsy Bogues vs Shaquille O’Neal. 2A vs 4A. Everyone seems to love the underdog and that was the case when Magazine took on Lamar Monday night. The Magazine Rattlers JV team left the Snake Pit rattling echoes throughout Logan County as they pulled away from the Lamar Warriors in a 26-14 victory.

The JV Rattlers weren’t scared of no stinkin’ Warriors when they lined up for the first snap of the game and traded blows with the big boys. Magazine struck the first fatal bite of venom when James Haugh laser targeted Conner Ryan on a three-yard pass to put the Rattlers up on Lamar 6-0 in the first quarter. Haugh attempted to tack on an extra two points on the conversion but was shut down by the Warriors. The Rattlers only got one fang in on the first shot which wasn’t enough to take down the mighty Warriors in the quarter. Lamar marched right down the field on the Magazine defense and scored but they weren’t able to hit the extra-point kick to take the lead 7-6. With both teams putting points on the board, their defenses made sure that’s where the score would stay until halftime.

 After the half, some might have thought they had a case of déjà vu. Magazine slithered their way into the end zone again, but this time it was a pass from Ashton Droemer who zipped it to Cameron Raggio for the 15-yard touchdown. The Rattlers tried again for a two-point conversion but again were stopped short by the stiff Lamar defense. Remember talking about déjà vu? Well, Lamar came right back at Magazine early in the fourth quarter with a score of their own and kicked through an extra point to retake the lead 14-12 over the Rattlers.

But David didn’t merely beat Goliath though and neither would the Rattlers. Just 22 seconds later, Magazine’s Kobe Faughn took to the ground game when he plowed over the Warriors for an 11-yard run and touchdown allowing the Rattlers to retake the lead 18-14. To make sure Lamar went down for good, the Rattlers struck the Warriors with their final and fatal bite when Faughn sank both fangs deep into the Warrior defense with an exploding 37-yard run for a touchdown. A quick pass from Haugh to Brad Price gave the Rattlers a two-point conversion and set Magazine’s 26-14 win in concreate. Next up for Magazine football, the Sr Rattlers will hit the road on September 18 to take on Cutter Morning Star.

Photos courtesy of LaWaynea Cox

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