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Odle: Grateful to Have Served the City of Huntington


Huntington Police Chief Brandon Odle recently announced his intent to resign. Odle, who has been with Huntington almost six years, has worked hard at improving the integrity and professionalism within the police department.

Before joining the Huntington PD, he served as a reserve officer with the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office, and part time for the City of Hackett. “When I was at Hackett, me and the chief at the time, would talk about Huntington and how it would be a good place to work. But, I never really thought I would end up there one day.”

After leaving Hackett, Odle went to Cedarville. He recalled receiving a phone call from a fellow officer at Huntington, who informed him about an open reserve position. That was the beginning of his career with the Huntington Police Department.

He recalled some of his proudest moments, “seeing the department grow, the police department remodeled and getting a new vehicle in 2017…” However, his proudest moment was watching four officers, who started as reserve officers at Huntington, go on to become full time certified.

Odle’s desire to see others succeed has helped mold the department and has created a legacy, which he hopes the next chief continues to build on. “I just hope as I leave, that it’s a better department than it was when I started. I hope that I have left the next chief something they can build on and make the department better.”

As he began considering his future in law enforcement, Odle reflected on where he wanted to be within the next five to 10 years. That consideration led to his accepting a position with the Fort Smith Police Department. “I had to consider which department could help me achieve my career goals, and I kept coming back to Fort Smith.”

Odle is grateful to those who helped him build his career, and to those who have offered him great support along the way. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Mayor Gary Lawrence. He took a chance on me to be the chief, and the support he has given me is very appreciated and I will never be able to thank him enough.” Odle also expressed his gratitude to the Huntington City Council, and fellow HPD officers, past and present. “I would like to thank Boyd Farmer, because over the last five years I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without his help. I spent a lot of time picking his brain and asking questions! Also, Tim Starr, who I worked for. He showed me a lot and was always a phone call away when I needed help. Mark Harris and James McCutcheon both helped me out a ton and made my life less stressful…I know I’m probably leaving some out, but a lot of people helped me get where I’m at, and I won’t forget that.”

He offers the following advice to the next chief of police: “One thing I will say, is that everyone wants to be the chief or the boss. I’ve learned there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it. People don’t see the tough decisions you have to make, decisions that will cost you friendships and lost sleep…I always tell people if you become a police officer for recognition, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. It’s been an experience of a lifetime to have served the City of Huntington and one I am very proud of. Thank you for the opportunity to have been able to serve as Chief of Police of the City of Huntington.”

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