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“Oh Dear!” It’s Deer Recipe #3!


Now, just because it has the title “Deer Balls,” you shouldn’t worry! They are delicious!  This past Thanksgiving, I needed a quick recipe for a side dish for two Thanksgiving dinners in one day!  I knew our freezer was full of deer meat. So, my mind went to work.  Why not roll deer meat into ball shapes and fry them?  I mean after all, everything is much better fried, right? (Except when we have to watch our cholesterol!) 

So, Thanksgiving morning, I literally started throwing ingredients into my bowl with my ground deer. Then, I rolled them into to balls and into the frying pan they went.  My husband immediately came in and wanted to know what the delicious smell was, and he was ready to be my official taste tester.  He grabbed one as soon as I started pulling them out of the skillet. He popped it in his mouth.  He gave me a big thumbs up and a grin!  I knew this was a win!  But, I also knew I had to shew him quickly out of the kitchen or I wouldn’t have any deer balls left to take to our Thanksgiving! I made such a large batch that I rolled all them into balls, and I took half a batch to one Thanksgiving and then the other half to another dinner. This recipe will make a large amount!

These deer balls were a hit for all ages! They are great served with ketchup to dip in for the little kids; however, if you are a gravy lover, like my husband, brown gravy is super yummy on top of them!


  • 2 lbs of ground deer (or beef)
  • 1 Cup of Planko Crumbs
  • McCormick Parmesan/Garlic Wing Seasoning Packet from Wal-Mart (Next time I make these, I would like to change things up and try the McCormick BBQ Wing Seasoning Packet from Wal-Mart to see how it’s flavoring would be!)
  • Teaspoon of Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning
  • Teaspoon of Season Salt
  • Teaspoon of Garlic Salt
  • 1 1/2 Cup of Shredded Mexican Cheese Blend


Place raw ground Deer Meat, Planko Crumbs, McCormick Parmesan/Garlic Wing Seasoning Packet, Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning, Season Salt, Garlic Salt, and Shredded Cheese all in a bowl and mix well. You may have to use your hands to blend the cheese and crumbs well with the meat. Once all ingredients are mixed well, begin to form the meat mixture into small round balls.

Frying Deer Balls!

Once the balls are formed, place into a skillet with grease on medium heat. You do not want to fry the balls too fast, because then they will be raw inside the middle of them and only browned on the outside. You want to cook on a slow and steady timing of medium heat. You will need to turn them from time to time to allow browning on all sides. Once the balls have browned on all sides, remove from the grease and drain on paper towels. Serve immediately for yummy flavor and freshness! Enjoy!

Yummy Deer Balls hot, fresh, and ready to be served!
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