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Paris Football “Moms 101” Is a Big Hit in Its First Year

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New Paris head football coach Jeff Weaver has wasted no time in bringing the entire Paris community into the school’s football program. In just a few months, Coach Weaver has involved elementary and middle school players, mothers, and this weekend, the senior high players’ dads who are participating in a retreat with the coaches. But of all of these great programs that Coach Weaver has brought to Paris, perhaps the most popular was the “Moms 101” event that was held last week at Eagles Stadium.

Paris moms played their sons’ positions during “Moms 101” (Resident Press Photo)

Many of the senior high players’ mothers participated in this first annual event. The moms spent approximately one hour in the locker room with the coaches as they gave the mothers a brief “chalk talk” on the format of the event, their positions, and the procedures for practice and running plays. Then it was time to take the field, and the moms did not disappoint!

Playing their sons’ positions, Coach Weaver and the football staff, with the assistance of the players, conducted a one hour “practice”on the field. The moms participated in warm-up drills, individual and position groups, and concluded with team offensive plays. Smiles were plentiful on everyone’s faces as the moms, players, and coaches seemed to have a great time. It was truly a very special event, and was well-received by everyone in attendance.

Resident Press Photo

In many cases, the moms showcased the talent that they have passed along to their sons who play football for the Eagles. But most importantly, everyone had a great time, and when the event was over, Coach Weaver called everyone together and had the players sit with their mothers. He then gave a message to the players with their moms sitting beside them. He spoke of how special their mothers are, and how “no one loves you like your mother does.” He challenged the players to honor their mothers with their conduct, both on and off the field, and to grow up honoring their parents by becoming a good man, husband, and father. It was a great message to the players, and it was very touching for the mothers. Coach Weaver has very strong support going into his first season, and it is apparent to everyone in the community that he truly cares for not only his players, but their families and everyone connected with the Paris football program.

Resident Press Photo

So, now it is time to turn the focus toward the high school football season that will open in a little less than one month. The Eagles open the 2021 football season on the road at Lavaca on August 27. Resident Press will bring you updates leading up to the season and the Eagles opener. Stay with Resident Press for the best in Paris Eagles coverage!

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